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Vision and Mission


To be acclaimed as a global leader in the field of professional education and create an institution that fosters a culture of high morale, quality and caring; creating professionals of high calibre in an environment that promotes self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning and professional pursuits; help every student of the Academy enlighten the spark within; grant scholarships and financial assistance to needy and deserving students.


  • To provide quality education with utmost sincerity, committed to high ethical standards
  • To be a technology driven, efficient and financially sound organization
  • To explore knowledge in its depths and achieve excellence in all our endeavours
  • To honestly and relentlessly assist students in achieving their goals
  • To work with vigour, vitality, dedication and innovation with total satisfaction of students as the ultimate goal
  • To create a sense of community that fosters positive relationship among faculty and students of diverse backgrounds
  • To synergise, strengthen human minds and in subtle ways, nurture the minds to direct them to wholesomeness
  • To encourage ideas, talent and value systems
  • To render selfless service, devoting every moment of our lives for the benefit of students
  • To redefine the norms of professional education to make it simple and lucid
  • To kindle the spirit of ownership and responsibility in every student to make a career of choice
  • To partner and contribute in making education the universal platform to demonstrate responsible behaviour
  • To promote holistic and intrinsic development of youth in their pursuit towards excellence
  • To encourage education as an investment and help take learning beyond education