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Enlighten the spark within …….

- Khilin Shah

You can never learn less, you can only learn more at SA

- Kapil Mahajan

You be in any profession, a smooth, solid and systematic start is must for robust growth ahead. Thats what SA has been delivering since 1997.

- Rohit Bhase

(Marathi) Swapnapurticha Kalpvruksh

- Anuja Date

A midas touch to every professional.

- Hrishikesh Phadke

An institute with a class rooms in heart with family bondingh

- Vinayak Prabhu

Siddharth Academy is a perfect combination of dedicated teachers and quality professionals.

- Reena Kamat

I came from Karnataka and it paid off staying away from family. I found a home away from home.
Siddharth = Success
Professional Teaching & encouragement offered by Siddharth Academy led me towards success!

- Suchaita Hemadri

I have become a CS at 21. It is my dream come true and all credit goes to commitment, discipline and prayers of Siddharth Academy.

- Shivangi Samani

The gap between desire and success is bridged only at Siddharth Academy.

- Jinesh Shah

A very scrupulous and homely approach towards knowledge rather than on marks only

- Aditya Khanzode