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Mr. Vinay S Bhagwat

Siddharth Academy is linked with the journey of an individual seeking the true meaning of life. This saga remains untold without showing some glimpses from the life of Siddharth’s founder. The founder of Siddharth Academy is a person of diverse skills and qualifications – Mr. Vinay Bhagwat. For qualifications only a hand full of acronyms could describe it all– M.Com., CS, CA, LL.M. and still counting. And for skills, there is ample for anyone who comes in his contact to witness and appreciate. He is one faculty who has the skill of effectively imparting all subjects in professional commerce stream courses, be they theory or practical.

Mr. Bhagwat graduated in the year 1991 from Mulund College of Commerce. He went on to become a Company Secretary in 1993 and entered the industry right after. Along with building on his corporate experience for eight years, Mr. Bhagwat continued his hobby of teaching during his off-time. He was a faculty at the Oral Coaching Facility of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Gradually, he started coaching professional course students individually. Over the years, many students approached him for academic and other guidance on professional courses. That was when he thought of giving his teaching side a more concrete shape. And Siddharth Academy was set up in 1997. While Mr. Bhagwat was still employed, he managed to balance his performance in teaching as well. In 1999, Mr. Bhagwat’s pull towards serving students proved stronger and he entered the realm of full-time teaching.

His mantra is summarized in two words – consistency and positivism.

Mr. Bhagwat, the entrepreneur, has taken his brain child, Siddharth Academy, through all the ups and downs over the years. He is also the promoter of Siddharth Education Services Limited. The vision of the corporate form of Siddharth has been to see perpetuity of the child in the hands of numerous lamp holders who will take the cause forward. And who will light many other lamps.

The vision of the man doesn’t stop there. Having seen his own modest days, he is aware of the economic support that talent needs to bloom. And with that intent in mind, Siddharth Education Society (SES) has been set up as a charitable trust, to help deserving students.

Mr. Bhagwat devoted himself to the students’ cause selflessly. But his actions were not limited to himself. His students were subconsciously inspired and motivated to provide selfless service to the cause of teaching. This inspiration has brought about goal congruence for these members of family who have personal goals of excelling in the industry, but somewhere at the back of their mind, they also have a goal of perpetuating their organization by offering selfless services.

This is how the inspiration and influence of a single man have converted Siddharth, from a one man organisation into an institution which is life blood to many individuals and their goal.

Commercial aspects apart, the success of Siddharth as an institution and its founder lies in this ability to inspire.

The thoughts of the creative visionary abound and he might have embarked on many new ventures, with which we have to keep pace.

Watch this space for updates, when he slows down for you to catch his latest inputs.

Under the able guidance and inspiration of our Founder Faculty, Mr. Vinay Bhagwat, the heart of Siddharth has grown stronger. Since its inception in 1997 till date, the senior and experienced faculty at Siddharth has grown and laid the stable foundation for the future growth of Siddharth Academy.

They are a combination of full time academicians and industry professional providing refreshing insights in academics.

Our current set of professors is:

  • Mr Sanjay Thatte
  • Mr Hrishikesh Phadke
  • Mr Ketan Apte
  • Mr Yatin Dahanukar
  • Mr Prabodh Nayak
  • Mr Vishal Shah
  • Ms Mahalakshmi Ravishankar
  • Ms Ramadevi Iyer
  • Mr Harsh Shah
  • Ms Sita Ramakrishnan

Siddharth is a place where talent and dedication are the traits that matter, irrespective of the biological age of faculty. The unorthodox thinking of the founder faculty and his sharp eye for spotting teaching acumen has resulted in many budding professionals of today aspiring to become professors of tomorrow. It is our strong belief that our students of today – our family members – will carry the lamp of tradition forward.