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The journey called " Siddharth"

Siddharth has been pioneered with a view to find out the substance, the real meaning of life. From 'Darkness' to 'Light' is the journey we all go through. The journey called Siddharth started in 1997 when Mr. Vinay Bhagwat, a professional Company Secretary and Chartered Accountant, perceived a lack of proper guidance, mentoring and direction for students pursuing professional courses. He entered the fray of part-time coaching to enable students of professional courses to seek out their destiny. Sensing the constraints of a parallel job coming in the way of sparing adequate time for his students, Mr. Bhagwat opted out of industry and entered the realm of full-time teaching since 1999. He has been committed to Siddharth ever since.

Siddharth Academy, which was set up in 1997, with a meagre strength of three students, is now an institution catering to hundreds of students per batch across locations that are increasing by the day. The strength of our family is beyond numbers and statistics. A single location in Thane has expanded to 8 locations in Maharashtra and 1 in Chennai.

What started out as a small entrepreneurial venture with a social objective, has now become a public company. Its social objective is preserved in the form of its arm - Siddharth Education Society, a charitable trust. It is an institution run for the students, by the students and of the students.

Siddharth Education Services Limited – the corporate avatar of Siddharth - was incorporated on December 20, 2005 for bringing perpetuity to the activity. Students also hold shares in the Company. The journey has just begun. There are bigger mountains to be scaled. But that doesn’t stop us from being proud of having reached the present scale. The students will ensure that their institution sees many proud achievements ahead.

The journey of Siddharth has been no less than burning of the celestial fire (yagna) aimed towards perfection. Siddharth is about quality, dedication, hard work and perseverance. We are about making professionals and creating value for industry. Be with us, be complete professional...

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